You're an SEO nerd.

Your work, side projects, social media feeds, podcasts, and even friends, all revolve around SEO.

While you've worked with off-site SEO the most, you're hungry for an opportunity to lead a large-scale project.

And wouldn't it be even better if:

If that's the kind of opportunity you've been waiting for, this page could literally change the course of your career. But only if you keep reading.

Who We Are

[Company] is a leading affiliate marketing company.

Since 2014, we've completed more than 200 in-house internet marketing projects. In the last two years, our sites had more than [amount X] visitors, generating [amount Y] EUR in revenue for our affiliate partners.

Right now, SEO brings in about 30% of our revenue. The rest comes from PPC. We're looking to even out this ratio within a year or so.

Our flagship SEO project is a pan-European affiliate site network in the [niche]. The first site in that network is [site].

****We want you to grow this site as its SEO Project Lead.

About The Role

The goal with this site is to create an SEO blueprint we can later scale in other, larger European markets.

The key to growth in [country] is unlocking link building. With additional 100 high-quality, topically-relevant DR 30+ links in the next 6 months, we should be able to grow our revenue by at least 50%.

To be able to afford that, we need to find a way to drive down our cost per link. Right now, we're paying EUR [cost] per link which isn't scalable enough.

We want to explore all avenues to achieve this goal:

We'll also need to hire new off-site team members in [country] to increase our capacity.

Outside of link building tasks, you'll:

We don't expect you to have hands-on experience in all of these areas, as long as you have a good theoretical base.

For both on-site and technical SEO, you'll have enough support from our Founders/SEO Strategists and high-caliber outside consultants.

You'll manage and work closely with our Head of Content and Head of Outreach. You'll also collaborate with our Tech Lead.

Your monthly budget for salaries, links, and content will be around EUR [budget].

3 Reasons To Join Adaptive Media As SEO Project Lead

1. A Clear Growth Path

Many SEO teams have no upward mobility. You're stuck behind the Head of SEO, who's stuck behind the CMO, who's not going anywhere.

That won't be the case with us. You'll report to our Co-Founder, [Name], who'll be rooting for you to be able to take as much off his plate as possible.

If things go well, we'd like you to grow into the Head of SEO role over time - possibly even within a year of joining us.